How a Bunny Path Saves Lives

animal deer road snow

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The state of Virginia is deer-friendly! And to prove it, the Virginia Department of Transportation launched a project to reduce deer vs. car/truck collisions. The project included construction of fencing along stretches of Interstate 64 near Charlottesville to guide deer and other wildlife to two underpasses. This design would prevent deer and other wildlife from crossing the highway right in the path of four to 18-wheeled vehicles.

After one year of use – one of the deer and bunny paths opened January 2018 – Virginia transportation officials report that the previous year’s average of 7.5 deer-vehicle collisions along that one-mile stretch was reduced to one. Further, use of the underpasses by deer and other wildlife increased significantly over the year.

Virginia DOT is ready to expand the project into other high risk locations, utilizing the new higher standard design and wildlife fencing placement along existing underpasses throughout the state.