A four-legged car.
A four-passenger air taxi.
A self-cleaning litter box for your favorite four-pawed creature.

An athletic mouth guard that measures impacts an athlete takes over the course of a season.
A laptop that helps tweens learn coding.
Devices for the differently-abled, plus a challenge to reinvent the wheelchair.

It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, 2019!

The CES, which opened to the public in Las Vegas today, is not only enticingly full of fun and futuristic gadgets, but also heavy on displays and proposals for what’s ahead in the world of mobility. CES, according to one insider, has become as much about tomorrow’s automotive technology as it has about life-raft sized TVs and internet-connected litter boxes. So much so that a team of TrafficCast’s top officials are in attendance to see where TCI needs and products and mobility’s new products and ideas can intersect. TrafficCast CEO Al McGowen and Executive Vice President Nick Kiernan and other officers are using floor time to connect and idea-exchange with other mobility professionals throughout the week. (Meet Nick Kiernan –

Mobility highlights include an all-electric motorcycle, so close to production that it has a price tag – $29,799, and its maker, Harley-Davidson is accepting pre-orders. Concept cars and connected vehicles are also explored, as vehicle technology is a prominent feature of CES 2019, earning its moniker as one of USA Today’s best automotive shows.