The Deadliest Highways in the United States

The good news is that across the United States, traffic fatalities were down 1% in 2018 when compared to the previous year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 36,750 people died in vehicle accidents in that year.

The not-so-great report is that seven different highways in 10 states account for a large percentage of those crashes and fatalities. The furthest north is I-5 in Washington. The other deadliest highways are located in the southern part of the United States.

1 – Florida’s US-1, running 545 miles along the state’s east coast – from Key West to Georgia – was host to 1,011 crashes with 1,079 fatalities.

2 – Second is Tennessee’s I-40. This interstate cuts west/east across Tennessee before entering North Carolina. There were 437 crashes on I-40 in Tenessee in 2018, with 517 fatalities.

3 – I-40 in New Mexico, running east/west in the northern half of the state, saw 344 accidents with 395 fatalities.

4 – Alabama’s I-65 posted 366 crashes and 389 fatalities in 2018.

5 – Texas’s US-83 comes in from Kansas to the north and runs north/south in the top part of the state. US-83 is deserving of caution when traveling Texas. It had 268 vehicle accidents and 336 fatalities.

6 – South Carolina has the sixth deadliest highway. It’s I-95, which is 1,908 miles long in its entirety running from Florida to the Canadian border. It is especially dangerous in South Carolina however, having racked up 244 crashes and 301 fatalities.

7 – It’s us-90 in Louisiana – the highway that posts the highest number of crashes – 271 – and fatalities – 295.

8 – In Arizona, I-40 is the highway to be careful on. Two hundred forty-nine crashes have occured on I-40 in that southern state, with 293 fatalities.

9 – I-5 spans the state of Washington north to south from Oregon to Canada. Its 277 miles in Washington alone saw 245 accidents and 258 fatalities.

10 – I-95 makes a second appearance on the list. It ranks as number 10 in the Top Ten deadliest US highways, marking 201 crashes in 2019, and 240 fatalities.