Employee Spotlight: Matthew Harris

Matt joined our team of dedicated traffic operators back in 2015. When he got his start, our East Coast operations were headquartered in a tiny building in the suburbs of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Today they work out of an expansive coworking office called The Mill in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.
“It’s crazy to see how much the company has evolved in just a few years of me being here. And not just in terms of clients and coverage, but our team and workspace too. Seeing as how much the sophistication and impact of our work has grown, it’s cool to see that reflected in our environment. I really like our new space here in Delaware.”
Matt keeps watch over our southern markets–Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas. After spending most of his time here at TrafficCast watching these markets, he has gained a rich understanding of the region’s roadways and traffic patterns.
But even with his high level of intuition and know-how, Matt says he couldn’t do it alone. The team around him is a huge factor in his efficacy (as it is with all our operators). In fact, when asked what he enjoyed most about his day-to-day here there was little hesitation.
“Our team. I like the work, of course. It’s engaging and I know it’s helping people everyday. But I really enjoy the team I work with. We have a good time, we collaborate well and we’re always helping each other produce the most accurate info. Teamwork is crucial in this.”
When he’s not at work, Matt likes to spend his time making music, going out with friends, or just relaxing at home with his girlfriend, Sam, and their two cats, Dexter and Yuna.
matt spotlight pic

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