A Look into Our Future at Our Open House

Our Open House this past Wednesday June 20 was a total success and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. We’ve been in Wilmington, DE nearly four months, but after welcoming all these new friends into our space it feels like we’ve truly arrived. It was a great opportunity to show off not just where we work, but how. Our CEO, Al McGowan, kicked things off by giving attendees a demonstration of our traffic data gathering and curating processes. Noting our use of road sensors to track travel speeds and our operators’ investigation process, he broke down how we’re able to catch and report incidents to drivers within moments of their happening.al

Al also gave a glimpse of TrafficCast’s future expansion into the autonomous vehicle sector. The same road sensor technology tracking traffic will foster future vehicle-to-infrastructure (v2i) communications, allowing cars to “talk’’ with the surrounding environment. This innovation will have major implications in traffic safety and efficiency, alerting driver to congestion, construction, road conditions, and more.

Exciting stuff is in store and we find ourselves on the cutting edge of technology that will transform not only traffic, but modern life as we know it. We’re beyond excited to dive headfirst into the future and we count ourselves lucky to be part of a community that shares our pioneering spirit. Thank you again to all who attended and everyone at our new workspace, The Mill, for making such a great night possible.

Incredible things happen everyday in the world of transportation. Follow us on Twitter for the latest and greatest.  

– Jake Ritzheimer  

TrafficCast International, East Coast Operations

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